Hot Topics


  • When to use
  • When not to use
  • Aesthetic considerations for MIOS

Surgical planning

  • Photograpic register
  • Video register
  • Vertical positioning: diamond face concept
  • Horizontal positioning: forced aesthetic position
  • Tools and tricks for asymmetry correction
  • 3D planning softwares & customization

Surgical technique

  • Minimally invasive orthognathic surgery: step by step
  • Anterior/oblique sagittal osteotomy Vs Short split
  • Sub-spinal Vs Under Spinal LFI osteotomies
  • Le Fort I: segmentation/impaction/set back
  • Telescopic genioplasty Vs mini-wing osteotomy
  • Fat grafting Vs Zygomatic osteoplasty Vs Implants
  • Neck liposuction & Platismaplasty
  • Mandibular recontouring
  • Simultaneous Rhinoplasty: tips
  • Customized facial implants


  • Post operative therapies for minimal downtime
  • The importance of Anaesthesiology: before & after surgery
  • Conventional Vs Surgery First Orthodontic Setting
  • Aligners
  • Locking plate osteosynthesis
  • Customized orthognathic surgery

Cadaver lab

Limited seats

  • LF I osteotomy
  • Anterior /Oblique Osteotomy
  • Short split osteotomy
  • Mandibular recontouring
  • Extended sliding genioplasty – mini chin wing – telescopic genioplasty
  • Zigoma osteoplasty